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All of our credit management services are designed to improve your cash flow and overall cash position. 
We are happy to work on short term debts that your business may have or you can also retain us on a longer term basis to clear short term debt and then manage your ongoing credit control in order that you don't find yourself in the same position again. 
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Prevention is better than cure therefore we advise using our credit checking and credit policy services 
Debt Prevention 
Credit Checks 
This service cost £11 and includes: 
Evaluating the potential risks of extending credit to new and existing customers 
Gaining a better view of the likelihood of your customers going out of business 
Improving your understanding of who your most financially stable customers are 
We would strongly advise that you regularly credit check your account base, new and existing, as this is the best indicator of potential issues in the future. You will then be in a better position to decide on the appropriate level of credit to be extending to each individual account. 
Credit Policy 
Do you have a robust credit control policy which is within your terms and conditions of trading? 
In our experience many issues that occur when collecting debts from clients are down to not having a clear policy to fall back on. This will certainly work against you if you should resort to county court proceedings. 
Credit Management Consultants can create your credit control policy which will be aimed at improving your cash flow while working within your industry standards. 
Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 
Already have Debtors? 
One Off Fixed Fee 
This service costs £50 and includes: 
Letter Before Action 
Phone calls 
Reporting back to you at the end of the 7 day notice 
We find that this cost effective, short, sharp method is often all that is needed to bring in most debt. 
County Court Proceedings 
This service costs £53 and includes: 
Issuing the county court summons on your behalf. 
There is a recoverable court cost for the claimant. 
We will take you through the county court proceedings process and explain the likely outcomes based on your individual situation. 
Please contact us for details. 
For more information on Credit Management Consultants or to book your FREE debt assessment please click here. 
Credit Management Consultants - We improve your cash flow so that you can improve your business 
You can pay for our one off services using the payment buttons in this page. 
Please call us first to discuss your requirements so that we can give you the best advice. 
Telephone 07957 284851 or 07500 907573 
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